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A Comprehensive Guide on Norton Products Activation, Subscription, and Features

Nowadays, antivirus software is highly important as it provides complete protection from known and unknown online threats. Hence, if you want to get one of the best antiviruses on the market, you can choose Norton. It is a great antivirus with multiple products or services with different subscription plans. To know more about Norton product key activation in USA and Canada keep scrolling through the article.

How to Activate Norton Products?

If you have a product key from Norton, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to activate your Norton products. These are as follows:

If you have purchased a subscription from then you can follow these steps to activate your product:

Step 01

Click Enter Product Key to redeem your product key.

Step 02

Enter the unique product key found on your Retail Card or eCard.

Step 03

Follow our onscreen steps to download & install your security app. 

How to Get on Renew a Norton Product Subscription in USA?

The comprehensive process to activate your Norton subscription is as follows:

How to Redeem a Subscription?


You can redeem your Norton subscription with a product key or a partner code. The process is as follows:

What are the Norton Products?

Take a look at the popular and helpful Norton products:

Basic Plan

The basic plan of Norton provides complete protection against ransomware, spyware, and malware. The subscription is available for single or multiple devices.

360 Standard

It is a standard plan that covers all services of the basics and provides webcam protection as well. This product is available for a single device and there are monthly and yearly subscription plans. You will also get cloud storage of 10GB with this plan.

360 Deluxe

This plan comprises the features of 360 standards and also has parental control, monitoring privacy, etc. In addition, you will get a cloud storage of 50 GB with this plan and it is available for 5 devices at a time.

360 for Gamers

It is another advanced feature of the 360 series where you will get special security measures for gamers. The plan is available monthly and yearly and one can get protection for 3 devices at a time.

360 LifeLock Select

LifeLock select provides features like identity stealing protection and LifeLock’s protection. The plan also offers cloud storage of 100 GB as an add-on.

What are Some Unique Features of Norton Antivirus?

Some unique features of Norton are as follows:

Parental Control

Parental control is in high demand nowadays. With parental control, you will be able to monitor your child’s browsing history, filter out inappropriate websites, and limit their devices. So, it is a very beneficial feature of this antivirus.

Norton VPN

Norton VPN is also a kind of product that helps you to browse safely. It can help you to enter different sites anonymously and save yourself from unauthorized websites. Further, you can access public Wi-Fi networks without any worry by using Norton VPN.


Firewalls warn you against any potential threat that you may come across while browsing. It will automatically filter out unauthorized and malicious websites by blocking them. So, you will have end-to-end data encryption.

Password Manager

Norton provides a secured password vault in its tool for password management. This tool also helps you to create a strong password. As the vault can only be accessed with the mother password it is quite safe.


So, if you find this whole discussion of Norton products and the beneficial features of this antivirus software useful, you can choose it for your device’s complete protection. You can easily avail of product plans by visiting the official portal of Norton. However, follow the steps mentioned in the article to make the process smoother and faster.

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